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SCHOOL YEAR 2019/2020

An olympiad is a subject competition for students which is held in several stages and requires deep knowledge of the subject curriculum of a student’s stage of study. For achieving very good results some individual work must be done beforehand as well because some exercises are composed according to specialised literature. Good cooperation between a student and his/her teacher helps a lot when preparing for an olympiad.

Most of the olympiads are first held as school inner competitions and the best students continue in regional (city) competition. The students who are the most successful there are invited to national competition. The students who show very good knowledge in the national stage are selected to represent Estonia in international olympiads and contests.

Arrangement of olympiads for the students of Tallinn general education schools is coordinated by Mrs. Egle Vospert, Senior Specialist of Tallinn Education Department (contacts: egle.vospert@tallinnlv.ee, tel: +372 6404 976). Info about the olympiads is available at: http://olympiaadid.haridus.ee/ The information is forwarded to the schools also via schools e-mailing list as O-INFO messages.  

Nationally the arrangement of olympiads is coordinated by Tartu Ülikooli Teaduskool (The Gifted and Talented Development Centre of University of Tartu, info at http://www.teaduskool.ut.ee/, tel: +372 7375 580).